We do not sell any data. We will never sell your data.

Customer Data Ownership

We make it easier for your team to update your data, you’re still managing it.

Data Center & Application Security

We are hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) on US-based servers. AWS maintains a robust security system managed by World Class Security Experts. Review Amazon’s Security Center for more detailed information.

We built our app on Heroku, a Salesforce company. Heroku’s first value is trust. Learn more about how they exemplify trust, and what standards they’ve implemented on their security certifications and polices on Heroku’s Compliance page.

We conduct continuous network vulnerability testing and contract an independent third-party to conduct penetration testing at least annually.

We maintain disaster and incident response plans to ensure that even in the worst scenarios our team is prepared to protect your information. We test and audit these plans annually, so we’re always ready to respond.

We use Salesforce’s OAuth to authenticate users, allowing your team to access AfterPitch without entering login credentials into our system. We also work with SSO providers, like Okta.

We work to ensure that our service is always available.